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On this page you can see the data sets relevant to the different essential climate variable(s) (ECV). Clicking on a link will bring you to the corresponding Details page where you may download the product file.

Select the Greenland Ice Sheets variable(s) to see products for:

ECV Description Size Date Preview
CFL ML generated CFLs for key glaciers in Greenland, generated from Sentinel-2 data for 2019-2020. 2.4 MB 2022-04-11
CFL CFLs for 28 Glaciers in Greenland, derived from ERS, Sentinel-1 and LANDSAT data acquired 1990-2016. 72.3 MB 2017-03-17
CFL CFLs for 28 Glaciers in Greenland, derived from ERS and Sentinel-1 data acquired from 1995-2015. 2.0 MB 2016-07-05
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