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Upload date 25 Oct 2021
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Description :

Mass flow rate ice discharge (MFID) for Greenland from CCI IV, CCI SEC, and BedMachine

Comments :

Mass flow rate ice discharge (MFID) for Greenland ice sheet sectors.

This data set is part of the ESA Greenland Ice sheet CCI project.
It provides the following CSV files.
1. Mass flow rate ice discharge. Units are Gt yr^{-1}.
2. Mass flow rate ice discharge uncertainty. Units are Gt yr^{-1}.
3. Coverage for each sector at each timestamp. Unitless [0 to 1].

Ice discharge is calculated from the CCI Ice Velocity (IV) product, the CCI Surface Elevation Change (SEC) product (where it overlaps with the ice discharge gates), and ice thickness from BedMachine. Ice discharge gates are placed 10 km upstream from all marine terminating glacier termini that have baseline velocities of more than 150 m/yr. Results are summed by Zwally et al. (2012) sectors.

The methods, including description of "coverage", are described in Mankoff /et al/. (2020; DOI: 10.5194/essd-12-1367-2020)