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Upload date 27 Jun 2016
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File size 215.9 MB

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Description :

IV map of Greenland from Sentinel-1 SAR data acquired from 2015-12-23 to 2016-03-31.

Comments :

Greenland SENTINEL-1 ice velocity map from winter of 2015-2016.

Ice velocity map of Greenland derived from Sentinel-1 SAR data acquired from 2015-12-23 to 2016-03-31. The ice velocity map is provided at 500m grid spacing in North Polar Stereographic projection (EPSG: 3413).

The horizontal velocity is provided in true meters per day, towards EASTING(vx) and NORTHING(vy) direction of the grid, and the vertical displacement (vz), derived from a digital elevation model, is also provided.

Provided are both a single NetCDF file (including all measurements and annotation), and separate GeoTiff files with the velocity components: vx, vy, vz and vv (magnitude of the horizontal components).

The filename of the IV Products is made up as follows:


greenland = Area
iv = Parameter (ice velocity)
500m = Grid spacing
s1 = Platform
[Startdate] = Date of first acquisition
[Enddate] = Date of last acquisition
[Version] = Version of the product in the format vMAJOR_MINOR
[Component] = vx: Easting, vy: Northing, vz:Vertical, vv: Horizontal magnitude, if applicable
[Format] = Fileformat

The product was generated by ENVEO.

For further details see Detailed IV Product Specifications in the Product Specification Document.