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Upload date 25 Oct 2017
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Description :

IV time series of Helheim glacier 1996-2010 generated using ERS-1, ERS-2 and Envisat data.

Comments :

Ice velocity time series of the Helheim glacier in Greenland, derived from intensity-tracking of ERS-1/2 and Envisat data acquired between 29/05-1996 and 26/02-2010.

This data set is part of the ESA Greenland Ice sheet CCI project. It provides components of the ice velocity and the magnitude of the velocity.

The data is provided on a polar stereographic grid (EPSG3413: Latitude of true scale 70N, Reference Longitude 45E) with 500m grid spacing. The image pairs have a repeat cycle of 35 days.

The horizontal velocity is provided in true meters per day, towards EASTING(x) and NORTHING(y) direction of the grid, and the vertical displacement (z), derived from a digital elevation model, is also provided.

Data is provided as a single NetCDF file.

Quicklook image: Data example from Helheim glacier. Background bedrock from: Morlighem, M., E. Rignot, J. Mouginot, H. Seroussi and E. Larour. 2015.IceBridge BedMachine Greenland, Version 2, Boulder, Colorado USA: NASA DAAC at the National Snow and Ice Data Center and Morlighem, M., E. Rignot, J. Mouginot, H. Seroussi and E. Larour. 2014. Deeply incised submarine glacial valleys beneath the Greenland Ice Sheet, Nature Geoscience, 7:418-422. doi:10.1038/ngeo2167

The product was generated by GEUS. For further details, please consult the document:
T. Nagler, et al., Product User Guide (PUG) for the Greenland_Ice_Sheet_cci project of ESA's Climate Change Initiative, version 2.0.