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Upload date 27 Jun 2016
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Description :

Greenland SEC grids from ERS1, ERS2, and ENVISAT. 5-yr means for 1992-2014.

Comments :

The data set provides surface elevation changes (SEC) for the Greenland Ice sheet derived from ERS-1, ERS-2, Envisat and Cryosat radar altimetry.
The ice mask is based on the GEUS/GST land/ice/ocean mask provided as part of national mapping projects, and based on 1980’s aerial photography.
The data from ERS and Envisat are based on 5-year running average, using combined algorithms of repeat-track (RT), along-track (AT) or cross-over (XO) algorithms, and include propagated error estimates.

Version 1.2 has changed filtering parameters in the XO and RT/AT combination algorithms, and applied an ice slope criterion (1.5deg) for masking of results, rather than distance to closest data point.

Update: A temporal extension of this time series is available from the Cryosat mission at: